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Signage plays a central role in identifying your business to potential customers. A well designed & manufactured sign is essential in portraying the right image for your business. At JB Commercial Interiors we work closely with our long standing signage partner so that we can develop a wide range of contemporary and traditional signage designs, whilst utilising the latest CNC manufacturing techniques.

Keeping abreast of the latest technology we quickly recognised the benefits of LED illumination in creating striking signage that can reduce lighting costs and qualify for tax incentives, hence we are able to offer advice and assistance to illuminate your business. From your initial ideas to the finalised designs, we do our utmost to create the designs that you want. Using the latest design software, including Photoshop, Illustrator and Signlab, we can produce eye catching artwork for both external and internal signs, with or without lighting. All artwork is sent to our clients for proofing before any manufacturing will take place, to ensure that the end product is exactly the way you want it.

We can design any aspect of your signage or display project, from illuminated exterior signage and totem signs to graphics and exhibition stands

Our bespoke design & installation service

For complex signage or display products we can offer a prototyping service, enabling clients to see a scaled down version or section of their product to ensure all aspects are correct before it goes into production. With fully equipped vans all aspects of signage installation and maintenance can be achieved. Our installations teams work with quick build scaffolding or power access equipment, enabling them to meet the most demanding of targets.

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Noted technological Interconnection innovator and manufacturer HARTING, contacted JB Interiors with an exciting project: the complete refurbishment of the production facility and shop floor at their Northampton site. From the ground floor up, the whole space was to be brought up-to-date with major changes to the work-spaces, offices, restrooms, canteen and general interiors. Our first goal, was to bring together all ideas & suggestions, forming them into a slick, contemporary look that still had optimum functionality.

After site visits and discussions with HARTING, a visual realisation was constructed to show exactly what the vision would look like. Extensive drawings and 2D & 3D renders ensured that each step of the process could be smoothly executed with a minimum of disruption to the vibrant, working environment of the company.

This varied remit was split into various separate phases:

Production / Manufacturing Area

Phase One encompassed the removal of existing structures and the task of making the area safe as we systematically built the new offices and washroom & shower facilities.

Then, onto Phase Two, and JB Commercial Interiors were tasked with creating a Halo style structure above the said offices and washrooms used to support lighting, ventilation and communication safely. Detailed planning and logistics were undertaken by both the JB Commercial Interiors on-site team and their dedicated office colleagues; the subsequent work was not only functional and contemporary, but also stylish, befitting a client who are on the cutting edge of innovation.

Phase Three:

HARTING needed a customer-facing reception area that would have the “wow” impact on visitors. A mixture of classic, minimalist style and a carefully thought out colour scheme that matched the HARTING branding was agreed on and put into place in the final weeks of the assignment.

Phase Four:

Phase Four saw the completion of all of the main offices and their connection to the various utilities, while staff leisure / canteen areas were created within the space.

Phase Five:

The design and construction of new office layout and meeting areas using glass and steel to achieve a contemporary look.

What we pride ourselves on in JB Commercial Interiors is the ability to overcome potentially problematic hurdles.The HARTING project required clear and logical delineation of the work for the client’s peace of mind and detailed, realistic renders to bring the vision to life. While working witha specific budget, we had to make each part of the project on-price without ever lettingthe aesthetic qualities lack.

There were exacting building regulations to be considered during every step of the way and JB Commercial Interiors worked closely with the authorities to guarantee that these were fulfilled while the client’s ideas were never threatened. We even needed to design and create our own structure for the main office as no off-the-shelf structure systemexisted; the crisp steel and glass look requested by HARTING was realised thanks to continued communication and a touch of JB Commercial Interiors innovation.
We are pleased to have been involved in such a prestigious project and we relished the challenges; at JB Commercial Interiors we have realised client’s visions in such diverse areas and we bring this experience to every new job we accept.


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Citadel Risk

JB Commercial Group were approached by Citadel Risk Services UK to provide a quotation for supply and fit of new office partitioning into their London Bevis Marks offices. Citadel Risk offer a range of products and services in both the live back office and legacy market sectors and are a very well respected company within the industry.

The client wanted to create two new office spaces and a meeting room  out of their existing space. The job involved modern looking glass partitioning inclusive of internal privacy blinds and glass doors. Certain elements of the storage wall needed to be reconfigured  as part of the project. With the introduction of new offices JB Commercial were required to make adjustments to the air handling system to provide suitable ventilation and comply with current regulations.

JB Commercial Interiors provided a competitive quotation and were able to work within the clients desired time-frame making the choice for Citadel Risk Services an easy one. JB Commercial Interiors were delighted to be appointed as contractors for this fit-out project. Following the successful conclusion of this initial project, the client asked us to provide a proposal for a new kitchenette area in their offices. JB Commercial Interiors were happy to undertake these extra works and put in new partitions, carefully matching the colour of the new framework to existing. After installation of appliances and final sign-off of the client JB were pleased to leave the Citadel Risk extremely satisfied with their new additions and look forward to be being involved in more exciting projects with them in the future.

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Bush & Co Rehabilitation

JB Commercial Interiors are proud to have been involved with noted assessors Bush & Co. for over three years. Bush & Company are the largest and fastest growing provider of expert witness, immediate needs assessment and case management services in the UK. Established since 1986 and headquartered in Daventry, Northants – Bush & Co have regularly turned to JB Commercial Interiors for professional advice and work on their office building. From major renovation to the installation of LED lighting, desks, and blinds; JB Commercial Interiors have worked to get exactly what our client wants and when they need it.

Our most recent project was the most exciting and yet challenging or all; a complete refurbishment of the interior of the building. JB Commercial Interiors communicated with the client every step of the way and before long a movable wall was installed, rooms, offices and break-out areas were re-configured and everything was freshly decorated to achieve the updated look that Bush & Co deserved. New flooring with accent colours to match Bush & Co’s corporate theme provided the offices with a really fresh and vibrant look.

JB Commercial Interiors have found through our professional experience that, just as a face represents a person, the reception area represents an office or a business. Just as we form an opinion by looking at the person (usually the face), most visitors similarly form an opinion about the business and its success by looking at the reception area. With this in mind JB Commercial Interiors were keen to ensure that this area was given special attention. Existing seating was replaced, office reception counters and desks were upgraded. Along with this, carpet tiles were used to great effect to create a pattern representative of the Bush & Co logo.

As blinds were fitted, and decoration was completed the JB Commercial Interiors team were satisfied that the reception area truly was representative of this noted company.

To complete the works JB Commercial Interiors replaced the existing kitchen with a deluxe look kitchen. Also, new high quality work desks were put into place. At the end of December 2016, the job was completed and our client Bush & Co were ready to populate these plush new surroundings.

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