Office Partitioning
What is Office Partitioning?

Office partitioning comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and finishes. The question you need answering is 'what's right for you?'

Office partitioning is a cost effective method of dividing a room and for creating areas for a specific purpose such as offices and meeting rooms. There is a wide range of styles and finishes to chose from, so depending on your need...the solution is out there.

From solid partitions, to fully glazed and everything in-between, including double glazed / sound insulated / fire protection / with or without blinds and more. Partitions are a flexible way to construct an environment that best meets your needs.

Partitions offer the following benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Rapid construction
  • Minimal disruption Minimal dirt and dust during construction
  • Less costly than traditional brick and plaster
  • Minimises lost productivity
  • Semi permanent, can be demounted quickly.
  • Can sometimes be re-used in alternative configurations.
  • Adaptable to future change and growth
Our Office Partitioning Design service

In addition to the partitions, other factors have too be taken into consideration; the construction of the building / fire regulations / data and power requirements / air conditioning / ceilings and floor etc. We take care of it all when we design and build your partitions.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality and communication commences at the initial meeting and continues throughout all the stages until completion, as well as the aftercare. Whether you have existing offices that need re-developing or a new space to convert, you need to be confident that every aspect of your commercial refurbishment will receive the same expert attention.

By working with reputable manufacturers who share our desire for quality we ensure that the installation looks good and will last the test of time.

We do it all
  • 2D / 3D Paritition Design & Layout
  • Partitioning Supply & Installation
Free Consultation / Quotation

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